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The Argall Family in the United States

ARGALL emigration to the United States largely followed the outflow of other Cornish people in the 19th Century. Many individuals and some family groups emigrated there; the majority went to mining areas in Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana and Pennsylvania; others went further west to the gold mines of Nevada and California. Some moved from one mining area to another, each searching out the promise of a fortune. Whilst 20th Century mobility has dispersed the family further, the majority still seem to be resident in the States of Michigan and Wisconsin with overflows to neighbouring States.

The main areas in which 19th Century ARGALLs settled are:


One William Jones Argall was born in Perranzabuloe parish on 3rd May 1847 to William Bennet Argall and Maria (Jones) Argall. His mother died in May 1864 and his father took a new wife (Ann Trewartha) in 1865. This event seems to have been the catalyst for the family to emigrate to the United States; the were living in Morris County, New Jersey by 1870. William left the family and went west; by the 1880 US Census, he was living in Colorado where met married Elizabeth (or Bessie) Pearce in Denver in 1880. He and his family moved firstly to New Mexico where their eldest child was born in 1884, and then on to Arizona where the second child was born in 1886. After moving briefly back to New Mexico, the family stayed in Phoenix where several more children were born. William died in Phoenix on the 18th April 1910.


A great number of Argall individuals and families settled in California during the 19th Century; some having migrated from other US States and Canada. In common with other reasons for Cornish movement, t he mining settlements seem to have been the main attraction which brought the Argall families into the State. There is a now very large Argall community throughout California. Although mining had drawn many of them, most had arrived singly or some arriving in family groups. Some descendants have overflowed the state boundary into neighbouring States, or moved on elsewhere.


Several Argall families immigrated into the State of Colorado. One Philip Henry Argall , was born in Ireland, the son of a Cornishman; he became a noted mining engineer working in all parts of the world (including a spell back in Cornwall). He settled in Colorado, where he became the manager of the La Planta Smelter in Leadville. He was naturalised as an American citizen in 1889, and honoured on 8th September 1996, by the US National Mining Hall of Fame, which recognised Philip for induction into their Hall of Fame at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. He developed many new methods of treating mineral ore, and eventually became honoured as a notable American in the US National Biographical Dictionary.

Other Argall families with mining interests moved around the USA before also settling in Colorado; subsequent internal migration in the USA has also affected the current disposition within this state.


Joseph Rouse Argall was born in Montreal, Canada in 1858 to where his parents had emigrated in 1856. Unfortunately, the family did not settle and so moved back to Cornwall in 1859 at which time Joseph was baptised in Redruth. Nevertheless, in the mid–1870s, Joseph emigrated afresh to the USA in his own right, and appeared in the US 1880 Census as living in Michigan. Finally he moved to Connecticut where he married in 1882. His descendants still live there.

Members of other Argall families emigrated from St Agnes and Newlyn East in Cornwall and then settled in Connecticut - mainly but not entirely in Hartford.


The State of Illinois contained an important staging post at Galen for the Cornish who arrived via the Mississippi river; several Argall families stayed in the region before moving on to Wisconsin and elsewhere. Others arrived in Chicago and made their homes in that City, raising their families there.


Those in Michigan are based in the Upper Peninsular around Ishpeming and Negaunee; mining was the attraction which caused them to settle here. The family which has had the most influence in forming the Argall families of today in Michigan was that of John and Elizabeth Ann (Reynolds) Argall who migrated from Redruth in Cornwall around 1870. Their descendants still live in Michigan, in a relative large number. However there were several other Argall families which moved to Michigan amongst the influx of the Cornish. They would have all been related although they may not have realised that at the time. There are now quite a sizeable clan of Argalls, mainly in the Upper Peninsular.


Again the mining around Silver Bow and Lewis and Clarke counties and, particularly in Butte City, drew Argall families to Montana. One Samuel Argall had married Mary Ann May in Redruth, Cornwall in 1866. Almost immediately, the couple emigrated to the USA and their first child was born in Morris County, New Jersey in 1867. Several more children followed but, by 1875, the family had moved west to Nevada, where another child was born, and then onto California where more children were born. The family then moved to Butte City in Montana where the remaining children were born. Descendants still live in that State.

New York

One William Argall had emigrated to New York around 1812, and the family who developed there established a strong retail clothes business in the city; it is not known yet how this William Argall links into the main family. He may have come from the remaining East of England stock, but equally he may have come from Cornwall. There is much research yet to be done on his origins. This family seemed to have relocated to Connecticut and then Wisconsin, where they were living at the end of the 19th century.


Thomas Argall was born in St Agnes, Cornwall on the 21st October 1819; he married Jane Jeffery there on 5th July 1840. The couple had four children in Cornwall before they emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1848/49. The family settled in Pottsville in Schuylkill County, where five more children were born. The numerous descendants of this family still live in Pennsylvania. There are currently a number of other ARGALL families within this state but these largely stem from internal 20th century migration within the USA.


A large group have established themselves around the Cornish enclave at Mineral Point, in Wisconsin; these mainly descend from Richard Argall who was born in St Agnes, Cornwall in 1791 and first married Ann Tonkin in Cornwall in 1823. He emigrated to the USA from Cornwall around 1841, when his first wife disappears from records, then married twice further: Mary Woolcock in Illinois (in 1850), and Elizabeth (Brewer) Ellery , in Wisconsin (in 1859). Numerous descendants overflowed into Iowa, North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as remaining in Wisconsin, centering on Mineral Point.

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